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Boat Show get it

Ali Flintoff from Boat Show caught up with Greg Sanders to give you the low down ahead of Boat Show's gig at The Aardvark on Fri 30 Nov.

Your new single ‘I Don’t Get It’ is out now and it's bloody good. Would you be better off if you did get it?

Sure I’d be better off. I do get it, actually. But actions speak louder than words. So you could say that I don’t but i actually do. This band is full of plot twists. Stay tuned for more.

Friday’s show is the first show of your national tour. What’s your favourite city in Australia to play & what’s your favourite venue outside of WA?

My favourite city in Aus to play is Brisbane. I love it. They’re bloody crazy and they show up to gigs and are always into the music. Of most bands, not just us! They seem to just love Aus music more than any other state. It’s also full of deadset legends who are also keen to hang and help you out. It’s also warm and i love a bit of warm.

I have a few fave venues that I’ve always had tonnes of fun at. The Tote in Melbourne, The Lansdowne in Sydney and The Foundry and Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane.

Got any travelling tips for young bands embarking on their first tour?

Bring things that make you comfortable! For example i bring heaps of nice hair products so i always feel clean and pampered. Tours can get pretty dirty and gross. If you and the band feel relaxed and comfortable you will all get along much better for the long periods of time. You need to take care of yourself cause it can be stressful! Also bring a bluetooth speaker for you hotel rooms. If you’re driving, podcasts are great. Also make as many new friends as possible and make the most of it cause friends in different cities is real handy when you or they need a helping hand next time you’re in each other’s cities.

The Fremantle music scene. Overrated or underrated?

I would usually say underrated but at the moment i think it is rated quite correctly. Tonnes of Freo bands are killing it at the moment and people are frothing it.

You’ve collaborated with plenty of musicians in plenty of bands over the last few years. Tell me three local musos you haven’t collaborated with yet that you’d like to, and what’s so special about them?

Tanaya Harper! We’ve recently realised that we have a very similar taste in music so I think we could make cool stuff and work quite well together. God damnit i love her stuff so much. Her stuff is so smart. Like super perfect 90’s pop but also kinda bad ass. Good shit.

Amelia from Heavy Flow - now that HF are over, i wanna steal her and make a naughty punk band with her. I think it would be hilarious. She doesn’t give a fuck and she says what she wants and it’s so funny but also empowering. Makes me wanna punch the air with excitement.

Sinead from Flossy - She’s a sick bassist and her vocal harmony skills are fantastic and I also wanna be her friend cause she’s such great quality and great to have a funny chat with.

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