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Young Robin are Hella Smooth

Our old mate Greg Sanders took time out from booking bloody great bands to chat to one of them... Young Robin.

Your new video for ‘Spaces’ is heaps of fun! What kind of drugs were you guys on when you made it?

We don't do drugs. Unless you think drugs are cool? In which case we do all of the drugs. But for the video? Just high on we usually are. We tend to do minimal planning when it come's to stuff like videos. We always have a lot of fun whenever we hang out together so it's more the case of just having a camera set up while you have a laugh. We're very serious musicians by the way.

You get SMASHED on Spotify. Are you starting to see some money from that yet? How important is streaming as a source of revenue for a band of your stature these days?

We're fortunate enough to see a little money come our way but we tend not to think about that so much. For us it's the joy of having other people able to access our music and the surprise that people actually click play! Somehow we have been lucky enough to get played around the world so we're extremely thankful to everyone that's had a listen.

I like how when you guys play live there is kind of a choreographed boy band thing happening that you somehow make cool. Do you practice moving & dancing the way you do or does it just happen naturally?

We actually did do a little practice at home to make sure we we're all synced up. I can't really recall when it first started, we've been doing it so long I think it has actually become natural now. We still don't know if it's cool or dorky! There's really only one song which we dance together in and when we play it you can see the audience deciding if they should laugh, or join in. They usually do both.

A review on triple j unearthed describes your new tune as “Hella smooth”. I agree - has anyone in the band ever been intimate with a partner while listening to your own music? Be honest.

That would be a bold move and I doubt any of us are courageous enough for that. And that's honest!

If Young Robin was a cocktail, what would it be? Lets see if we can make this dream a reality on Friday night.

As a band, Young Robin is a beautiful expression of multiculturalism. Ranging from bright soy lattes to rich dark mochas. With that trend I'd say we have to be an espresso martini right? Right...?

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