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New Talk: Going With What Feels Good

We spoke to million times WAM Award nominated 'Best Vocalist' Kiera Owen about what the band is up to and how they got so damn good, ahead of their headline show at The Aardvark on Feb 8.

1. It’s been a while since your latest single ‘Red Tuesday’ came out. When can we expect some new music? Is there another album in the works?

True! Aside from the stand alone single, 2018 for us was pretty transitional. We changed our band name, took some time out for ourselves and other projects and naturally started to plan the next work. The space has been worth it though, giving us time to piece it together and think about what we want to say. So far I’m excited about the direction we’re headed and I know we’re all aiming to be back in the studio some time this year.

2. It’s a fine line between a great, theatrical live performance and one that’s contrived and cringe-worthy. New Talk gets it right. What’s your secret?

Why thank you! I’m sure we have probably felt cringe haha, but I guess it all comes down to being as open and honest with your performance as possible. If you’re forcing it, it will probably come across as such. I personally like to try new things and learn as I go so there’s always an element of spontaneity for me between each show. I also get a lot of energy and confidence from the rest of the band when we play so trying to connect and lock on to each person’s vibe as well as the audience’s is also pretty important. All that aside, we mainly just go with what feels good.

3. You’ve got a WAAPA background, but you stand out like dogs balls from the rest of the WAAPA bands going around at the moment. Being trained musicians, Is there an invisible “safe-barrier” you have to break through to make abrasive music that un-trained musos aren’t aware of?

Maybe? It’s interesting, being at WAAPA certainly helped me a lot with learning what I could do vocally and how to better my musicianship. It was also the same time I started listening to bands like PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, The Velvet Underground, band’s that take the conventional rules of music and break them, so I think it comes down to personal taste and how much you explore outside of what is presented to you.

4. In terms of touring, you’ve travelled to some pretty exotic places like Singapore & Reunion Island to name a couple. Where do you plan on travelling next?

Touring to these places as a band has amazed us, challenged us and really opened our eyes to the possibilities of where our music could take us, not to mention completely baffling us at times. There’s something to be said for stepping out of your comfort zone and I think this is where we’ve learned the most about our band and about ourselves. Plus we’ve seen some unbelievable bands and met incredible people, with new and refreshing approaches to this industry. One of the most unique experiences was probably touring in China, somewhere we are definitely keen to re-visit as soon as we can. Other than that who knows, I like the idea of sipping rum in the Mediterranean.

5. What tips would you give to young bands in WA who want to play some shows outside of Australia?

Research! Learn as much as you can about where you want to go, who the bands are and what the scene is like and then start getting in touch. Applying to showcase in different counties can also be a good way of getting an opportunity, as well as smaller niche festivals. Also, keep an open mind - you never know what might come up!

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