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Jack Runaway: Drinking Alone Together

Rising star of the local scene Jack Runaway returns to The Aardvark to launch his new EP 'Drinking Alone' on Friday 02 August. Mia Hyde caught up with the talented singer-songwriter ahead of the show to find out what's been happening, what's about to happen, and what makes him tick...

It’s been a big year for you and your music! What have been some of the highlights?

The last 12 months have been hectic as heck but in all the best kinda ways! It's so good to finally have the EP done and dusted. The recording of this EP has been an ongoing process throughout the last 12 months. I know most folks like to get in there and get it all done in one go, but we decided to go a different direction with this one. Which kept us all on our toes especially when it came to meeting deadlines - a massive massive apology to our lovely team of publicists for that... but we got there. Aside from the in studio fun we've been lucky enough to play awesome shows around Perth. The Fremantle street festival was definitely a highlight, i was mostly impressed that so many people were keen to stop and watch even though it was one of the coldest Perth nights id ever experienced. We really enjoyed playing at the WA festival in Pinjarra and we got a spot with the Sofar Sounds crew which was pretty amazing, there has been sooooo many other awesome shows in great Perth venues with incredibly talented local Perth Acts. But without a doubt my personal favourite would have to be our first single launch back in Feb this year at The Aardvark!! It was such an amazing night and i was truly amazed by everyone that showed up, the place was packed and the crowd was so involved to the point that ended the show with half the band playing a drum line from within the crowd.

You’ve been compared to Temper Trap and Snow Patrol in previous write-ups, but who do you think you sound like?

Yeah i heard of these comparisons, pretty darn flattering. I am a huge fan of Temper Trap especially their debut album 'Conditions'. To be honest i don't know too much by Snow Patrol but i know they are super popular so i really appreciate the comparison. I personally believe we don't sound like any particular artist or artist, and if we happen to we definitely wont sound like them the next time you hear us. I love taking influence from artists like Jeff Buckley, Bon iver, Radiohead. This EP was more about gritty rock that we were vibing at the time, so Kings of Leon (mostly their 'Aha Shake Heartbreak' album) was a huge influence for this EP. We have already started working on tracks for our next release and i can hear a big Matt Corby influence in the vocals and our bassist/guitarist Jay has been addicted to Lime Cordial so they have a massive influence on all the new material as well. I really respect and appreciate Gang of Youths and so they influence my song writing a lot without me even realising.

Are you a freo local? What’s your favourite freo spot to chill?

None of the Jack Runaway crew are locals, we are all outsiders trying to blend! Jay our bassist is from NSW and Kris and myself are from VIC. It was because of this that i was a bit intimidated about trying to join the music scene here in Perth. The music coming out of this state is incredibly and all the bands i've watched play are amazing. But once we started playing and introducing ourselves to the locals we felt very welcomed. Which i feel is a big part of what makes the Perth music scene so special, it's so loving and accepting. I love Freo even when i'm not gigging i'm usually up there at the markets or a cafe somewhere. But again I really dig the Aardvark. I often have a few brews upstairs at the Norfolk before venturing down the staircase to the beautiful dive bar that lurks beneath.

We loved having you last time, it was a really positive vibe and turnout.

That night was my all time favourite Jack Runaway gig! The vibe was incredible, the turnout was more than i ever imagined. The whole night just made me feel like a little bit of a rockstar, especially the part where people were taking down our posters and bringing them up to us to sign them.

Do you go to a lot of local gigs and check out local artists?

I really try to, i must admit since the winter cold has come to our shores i'm staying inside a bit too much. But i've still managed to see heaps of great local artists. Some of my favs are Gully, Ricky Green, Ben Catley, Nika Mo, Good Grace, Joan & The Giants, Kat Wilson Trio, Travis Green, Fever Dream, Girl From Mars, The Hunting Birds, Bass Lemon, Duncan Saige, Foxton Kings. I'm a massive fan of a local act called Camarano but i haven't gotten to any of his gigs yet unfortunately. I've also been following a band called Coterie, they haven't gigged too much yet but i have a feeling they are gonna take Perth by storm this summer.

We’re excited for the new EP ‘Drinking Alone'. What’s your personal favourite track off the EP and why?

Yeah im also bloody excited for this one! It's been a lot of work and a lot of sleepless nights but also a lot of laughs and love. My favourite track on the EP without a doubt is 'Drinking Alone' it's the closing track on the EP. It was the first track that i wrote in 3 years after the release of my debut EP back in 2015, it was the song that pulled me back into music after a very long hiatus. It has always been both a crowd favourite and band favourite. Such a simple track with so much heart and energy and tells a pretty powerful story without really saying too much.

What’s the main goal for the rest of the year?

A8:Writing more songs, recording more songs, releasing more songs. Playing a few gigs here and there. We've got some really great tracks up our sleeve that we have been working on while recording this EP. So we are super keen to get those out for all to hear. It's always been important to me to have a story to tell. I figure the more songs i have out and available to listen too, the more body to my story.

Lastly, and most importantly, vegemite or peanut butter on your morning toast?

Vegemite, it's not even a decision for me. It's just instinct. If i'm not starting my day with that bitter salty punch in the mouth that is Vegemite first thing in the morning i might as well just go back to bed and stay there.




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