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Pat Chow LOVE Xmas... sort of

We had a chat to Ben from Pat Chow about all things holidays, touring, and touring holidays ahead of their Xmas Party on Sunday 23 December.

So you’ve been doing this Xmas Party for a few years now. What is it about Xmas that you love/hate so much that makes you keep putting this show on?

Despite some of the negative connotations our xmas songs may imply, I do like Xmas to some degree. You get a few days off work and there are always a few good parties on around the time (hint: ours). I dislike spending money, hectic shopping centres, Michael Buble and elf on the shelf. I like starting xmas day with a bloody Mary. Followed by a bloody Mary. It is wonderful that xmas is pretty much the only day that morning drinks are widely socially accepted. So that's a good thing. I generally ask for cash in lieu of gifts. I find buying my wife a good xmas present difficult.

Your new album is awesome, congrats. How’s the reception been for it? Please bring some copies with you to sell at the show.

Thanks for that, we really appreciate it. The reception of this album has been a little overwhelming. It's made more top 5 and top 10 lists with people and places we admire than the last album. Critical acclaim is always nice to receive. There will be fairy lights around the merch desk, you can't miss it.

The record was released by our friends at Rhubarb Records. Was selling out for a giant record company how you always imagined it?

It's been a really great time working with rhubarb records. Dylan's passion for quality unique music and vinyl pressings is endearingly charming Rhubarb Records nomination for WAM label of the year was well deserved! He even said he'll return our piece of soul once he's sold all the copies.

You went to the US for some shows earlier this year. Or was it last year? Any more cool touring plans coming up that will make us all jealous?

We toured the U.S in may, this year. It feels like a different lifetime ago now though. It was so great! We've been talking logistics of getting to New York next year for Mondo Festival but the trouble with logistics is they need to be logical. We have some east coast tours in the works. We'll be hitting up Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne in Feb/March of 2019. Might even try get to my hometown Wagga Wagga to see that place again.

What would you like us to put on your rider for the xmas party? We have an unlimited budget for this of course so use your imagination…

- A box of firecrackers

- Four schooners of ouzo BEFORE our set.

- 100 tea candles. Arranged in a formative feng sue display.

- a sharing platter from Golden City Kebabs.

- Four points of ketamine. Must be supplied AFTER our set because we cant have Ashby K hole-ing on stage.

- A reindeer. Mr J Gallacher has requested this to ride onto stage. He will compromise with a red kangaroo also, if a reindeer cannot be sought at this notice.

- Saos

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